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From The Girlfriend Activation System

If you're a single guy, and a woman is flaking on you, or she put you in the friend zone, then this chapter is for you. I'll show you..

  • an easy way get her attention if she's not returning calls or texts

  • my simple, low-risk conversation that will "reset" her feelings for you

  • how to make her think that you were the one who put her in the friend zone

If you follow my instructions, she'll be convinced that she made a mistake, and she'll work hard to get you back. And fair warning... women can get very aggressive when they want to prove themselves to you. This stuff is just plain fun, and takes a lot of pain out of "the game."

Option 2:


From The UnbreakableOS

Men like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs have been renowned for their ability to dominate and direct social interactions. In this free chapter, I'll show you...

  • the three "master switches" that you can use to control any conversation or interaction

  • how to quickly grab the power with others, even if you don't have social status

  • the "loser's slip-up" that makes other people ignore you... and why you must avoid it

This is essential social skills training for any guy who struggles to get others to respect or listen to him. Put this top-gun training into practice, and you'll quickly "see the matrix" of social interactions, and bend it to your will.

Option 3:



Did you know that text messages "light up" the same neurons as cigarettes and heroin? It's true, and in this free chapter, I'll show you...

  • Two awful messaging mistakes that destroy any feelings she might have for you

  • The five-message sequence that activates the "addiction circuitry" in her brain

  • How to hijack a woman's attention with your phone, even if she's been ignoring you

There's simply no way to get around messaging these days, and it drives most men nuts. But when you learn these five messages, you'll have the power and control... because simply put, she'll be dying to hear more from you.

Option 4:


From Say Hello

I suffered with social anxiety for over twenty years, talked to therapists about it, and even tried a few prescription drugs. But nothing worked, until I discovered what I'll teach you here...

  • How to separate your "brain fear" from your "body fear"

  • Why it's a good thing when you feel those butterflies in your stomach, and how to use them to your advantage (yes, I still get them)

  • A series of exercises that help you overcome both short-term panic, and long-term self-doubt

In this free chapter, I'm sharing the exact methods that I used to go from a shy, dorky introvert, to an outgoing, insanely popular introvert (yeah, I'm still an introvert!). When you implement them in your life, you'll destroy your anxiety, start to have fun socializing, and have a ton of fun meeting more people.


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